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Vectors And Projectiles :: Free Essays

Vectors And ProjectilesAfter successfully completing the first ii videos of the capital of Minnesota Hewitt series, I have been drawn to this course. The third video of the series reviews the concepts of vectors and projectiles. In this video Paul goes over a lot of antecedently stated formulas. The melodic themes of how fast or hoe far an object travels atomic number 18 restated.The idea of how fast an object travels is known as its velocity. The velocity is form by finding how far an object travels over a menstruation of clipping. It may be easier to multiply the pull of gravity, which in a secrete falling object is ten meters per second accelerating, by the seconds the object remains it the line of merchandise. The product will result in how fast the object was traveling.The idea of how far an object travels is known as the distance. The distance can be found by multiplying the amount of time an object is in the air by itself and thus multiplying the results by five. Fo r example, a rock dropped off a cliff takes five seconds to strike bottom. Multiply five times itself and then by five. The rock was dropped from 125 meters high.My favorite part of this video was when Paul explained about a time he went on a perform trip hang gliding. The purpose of the story was to get a show across about dropping a rock off a cliff and being able to determine the distance to the bottom. The humor in this helped me grasp the concept of time. The humor was he dropped the rock and it rolled hatful because there was not a straight drop. The point he was stressful to get was to throw the rock. Not to throw it up or down, except to throw it straight and it would strike the bottom at the same time as it would on a free fall.

Essay on the Deeper Meaning of Pride and Prejudice -- Pride Prejudice

The Deeper means of pridefulness and preconceived idea While Pride And Prejudice is demonstrably touch with the subject of erotic bonk, from Lydias physical passion for Wickham, through Janes slightly too affected role and undemanding feelings for Bingley, to Elizabeths final arrant(a) match with Darcy, it would be doing the novel and its generator a great injustice to assume that it is merely a love grade, and has no other purpose or design. The scope of the novel is and then much wider than a serious interest in who will tie who and who will have the manor that is worth the most money, or purge the less shallow subject of women trying, failing, and succeeding at finding their perfect mates on a romantic level. While the investigation of love in its many forms is by no means a completely trivial exercise in and of itself, Pride And Prejudice does non stay itself to that one topic, barely while presenting a story that details several(prenominal) love affairs and th e variously intelligent, mistaken, and idiotic views of diverse characters towards the subject, Jane Austen also gives the ref insight into issues that range from moral questions of pride and lack thereof, to individual and coterie prejudice, to the expected roles of women eighteenth and nineteenth century society. Whether we like it or not, she Jane Austen was... a moralist, writes Gilbert Ryle. ...she wrote what and as she wrote partly from a deep interest in some perfectly general, even theoretical questions about human beings personality and human conduct, (Ryle 106). This concept of Austen as moralist, but not, however, to say that she was a moralizer, (Ryle 106), is not one of the more common views, especially concerning Pride And Prejudice. The title itself, however, is a direct st... ... examination of social and moral issues, the deft touch of caustic remark and sincerity used in portraying not only Elizabeth, but her time and place, the attitudes toward her and towa rd people like her, make it a larger work. It whitethorn be overall a love story even when winning these into account, if one were to view it as Jane Austens love affair with the examination of human nature- but on no account can Pride And Prejudice be described as merely a love story given its scope, it isnt merely anything. Works Cited Austen, Jane. Pride And Prejudice. London Penguin, 1972. First print 1813. Ryle, Gilbert. Jane Austen And The Moralists. Critical Essays On Jane Austen. Ed. B.C. Southam. LondonRoutledge & Kegan Paul, 1968. Wright, Andrew H. Feeling and Complexity in Pride and Prejudice. Ed. Donald Gray. New York W.W. Norton & Company, 1966. 410-420.

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The Shackled Continent

1. What ar the key themes of the bear and what is the causes opinion on them? The Shackled Continent is a lively, engaging and last hopeful book about Saharan Africa written by Robert Guest. The germ analyses the question why Africa still is so poor and reflects the problems in this neck of the woods standardized poverty, disease, war, corruption and it is enlivened by the stories and encounters that he recites, and by the idea, that things penury not be this direction forever.There are differences of culture and history in these different countries, but again there are similarities of experience that tag out much of the post-colonial period. Corruption is endemic, poverty everywhere, wars are brutal and never-ending, and back up daily saps at the lives of people. The author criticises the failure in leadership of near Afri target countries and reflects that Africa still necessarily to go a long way to improve, but at the end, it will prosper. 2. What did you find intere sting in the book? Why?Honestly I found The Shackled Continent a very interesting book and could not formulate exactly how much I liked a particular part better than the others, and Ive unendingly wanted to k promptly what exactly is happening in this region of the valet, which do not stop watching unpleasant images on television and con in newspapers chilling news. But I always wanted to go into this subject without the influences of the media, explained by someone who has experienced firsthand. So if I hold back to stay with any part of the book, I get the answer that gives the author about the principal African problem.Guest argues it is because African governments score been either slap authoritarian or riven by corruption and tribalism. Governments have been wedded to underlying planning and consequently have failed to develop. Freedom, political and economic, has been denied to millions, and local elites have prospered as their populations have suffered. Ill stick with this idea, as it was one of my concerns before reading this book, and now it helps me to go out the problem. 3. What questions would you like to ask the author (at least 3)? Re exclusivelyy collectivist tendencies of African governments still hobble African economies? -Its true that countenance can help, but its always government economic policies and government activity that dictates success or failure? -Why real countries do not much to eradicate the AIDS virus in this region of the world? quarter there be any kind of interest behind? 4. stooge you suggest solutions to the problems/issues covered by the author? Personally I have some ways to solve the problems described by the author, but I dont admit if could be done someday.To combat poverty, developed countries could do more apprisedness campaigns for people to cave in financial contributions of more importance. Im certain if everyone only donate one euro, things could be better in Africa. The same with the diseas e. It should be made more drugs collection in flush countries to be allocated in this region. These countries could donate a large scale, as Im sure they can do it. To fight wars and corruption, developed countries should burgeon forth a greater role, and send troops if necessary to calm the situation and to monitor and embarrass any kind of corruption that can take place in this region.I know that these proposals are not easy to apply, but if we all could agree, I see we could do it. 5. Is there anything you disagree with the author about? We could say that Im totally agreed with the author of the book, since I seaportt enough knowledge about it to argue with the author. But if I were to argue something to the author, the statement would be made ??on farmers. Guest express that farmers without credit cant buy seeds or fertilizer to make the best use of their land. Im not agreeing with this because I hark back there must be some kind of subsidy or support from the State to the se farmers.I dont know exactly, because I seaportt a lot of knowledge about that, but I think it would be possible. Another thing is that in the conclusion, the author says something like many Africans say that Africas problems are anothers countrys fault (e. g. the States or European Union), and he disagree with that, but I think that in some way Africans are right, at least in the fact with this trade barrier story. 6. Have you learned anything from the book that helps you to take the world?Reading this book has helped me to take off my blindfold and understand once and for all what is happening in Africa. That wonderful continent that both(prenominal) can offer and how it seems to be forgotten. I have updated all the injustices that take place on this continent, and the deaf that developed countries are doing about it, and it has helped me to somewhat more with this topic. Reading these kind of books, you realize that people only carry off about themselves and ignore what is happening behind the barriers of their respective countries.Life can be wonderful in developed countries, but we must be aware that there are people who are not as heaven-sent as us, who live a daily hell and that many of them are alone. We also can help. We must help. 7. Is there anything in the book which you can disturb to the degree you are analyse? I am studying Business Administration and Management, and I think its always good to know what is happening in the world and why it is happening, and not just relate to the degree you are doing, but as general culture.With this reading I learned the forms of government in this region and also the type of resources on hand(predicate) and inquire into their economies. Now I know thats what a country needs to do to improve and that is what we must avoid to sink. I think all students should read these books to enrich their knowledge and expertise to take are as important or more that you learn in college. Because thats the real world , the world that tomorrow we face.

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Philosophy Trinity Essay

Many philosophers consider addressed and questi angiotensin-converting enzymed the open(a) regarding the wiz and three of divinity fudge. Yahya Ibn Adi was a philosopher and a Monophysite scholar of the Arab uncorrupted Period who has firmly given treatises of his own interpretation on this subject. This has caused somegfjkfgmngcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccb scholars and former(a) philosophers to critique his understandings and express their own viewpoints of Yahyah Ibn Adis philosophy on the unity and triplet of God. Emilio Platti in his article Yahya B.Adi And His Refutation Of Al-Warraqs Treatise On The ternion In Relation To His Other Works and Sidney H. Griffith in her article Commending right And A Humane Polity In 10th Century capital of Iraq The Vision of Yahya Ibn Adi atomic number 18 two scholars who explored Yahyas vindications. In their articles they discuss b a good indication to what Yahyas belief was on the subject of unity of God. Many philosopher s challenged his standpoints on the unity as well as the tierce resulting in Yahya to refute the situation. Two philosophers in event who attributed Yahyas treatises were Al-Kindi and and Al-Warraq.One of Al-Kindis reasoning for attributing Yahyas treatise on the unity and trinity of vb the unity of God. Griffith explains how Yahya firmly asserts that God is said to be wizard in look in reference to his substance, while in reference to his cavil or whatness, which, according to Yahya, is essentially described as being open-hearted/good, insolent, and powereful, he is three4 In comparison with Griffiths article, Emilio Pratti critiques how Yahya refutes to Al-Kindis attribution on treatise on the unity.Pratti believed that To al Kindi, he underlies that the Christians hypothecate on the angiotensin converting enzyme hand, that the Creator is one, and that his quiddity is one, but they also avow, on the separate hand, that He is three, as far as He is good, rash and effe ctive.. 5 Pratti stresses that this is not a contradiction because we can use one in the sense of one in subject and many in definition. In Prattis conclusion, he raises the questions b in different ship canal, base on what the Scriptures are saying to them?Why should God not be make up in a human being, as we understand it from the evangel? Pratti closes his argument insisting that thither is no indication that this would be impossible, he believes there are many indications that God can certainly ambush himself as such Emilio Plattis argued that when it came to Yahyas refutations, he found his ideas to be offered in an unorganized and sometimes contradictory way. Platti also scolds how certain arguments by Yahya Ibn Adis may be given in a particular reply.In regards to how Yahya Ibn Adi responds to those who challenge his treatise, Pratti states that most of his apologetical works are written in the form of a rebuttal he quotes, most probably in extensor, an already existing refutation of the Christians by a Muslim-or a refutation of the Jacobites by a Nesotrian and replies paragraph by paragraph (173) Pratti argues that this way of responding has some(prenominal) consequences. vcghaks most how Yahya replies to the philosopher Al-Kindis treatise on the unity.To al Kindi, he underlies that the Christians say on the one hand, that the Creator is one, and that his quiddity is one, but they also say, on the other hand, that He is three, as far as He is good, wise and powerful.. Pratti asserts that this is not a contradiction for we Pratti raises the questions Why should God not spread abroad Himself under the three aspects of his hypostases, designated by the Christians in different ways, based on what the Scriptures are saying to them? Why should God not be present in a human being, as we understand it from the Gospels? Pratti concludes that there is no indication that this would be impossible, he believes there are many indications that God can certai nly expose himself as such. Sidney H. Griffith discusses how Yahya refutes stand to Al-KindiGriffith says yahya ibn adis habit of quoting large shares of the texts of those with whose ideas he disagrees in his refutations of them that a significant portion of the lost work of an important comparative religionist in the early Muslim period, Abu Isa al-Warraq has survived, allowing a modern editor to bring out an edition of what he considers to be the major part of Abu Isas anti-Christian work.Griffith describes Yahya Ibn Adis unity of God to be.. Griffith describes how Yahyah Ibn Adi wrote a handful of apologetic texts of his own in the Kalam style fend for the doctrine of Trinity. Griffith describes . yahya argues Al-Kindi challenged Yahyah Ibn Adis treatise as well. Yahyas rebuttle was that given the Muslim philosophers own description of God as concurrently God as one and as substance, al-Kindi alike faced a logical puzzle involving the notions of one and three.(89) Yahya n urture claims that Al-Kindi misused expert terms When it came to Yahyas discussion of the Christian doctrinal formulae, he found that Al-Kindi misinterpreted and misused technical terms that were comprised in it. Yahya also clarifies that God is said to be one in number in reference to his substance.Griffith goes forth to say that Yahya goes to considerable lengths to dispose of what he considers to be logically faulty definitions of the one. Yahya describes God of having three attributes which are goodness/generosity, wisdom, and power. When Yahya responds to other philosophers challenging his treatise, he speaks of the three divine attributes One philosopher in particular who challenged Yahyas philosophy on the unity and trinity of God was al-Kindi.Al-Kindis reasoning for this was that he wanted to challenge Christians for the unreasonableness of their al-talit on the foundation of logic and philosophy, and more specifically on the grounds that their Trinitarian confession necess arlily involved the repulsive idea of introducing firearm (al-tarkib) into the God head To sum up Al-Kindis response, he believed that the God, Jesus, and the divine Spirit were not eternal.Griffith then describes Yahyas reaction to this by stating that Yahya argues that given the Muslim philosophers own description of God as simultaneously God as one and as substance, al Kindi too faced a logical conundrum involving the notions of one and three. Griffith also affirms that Yahya further found that al-Kindi misinterpreted and misused technical terms that were comprised in his argument virtually the unity of God.Griffith explains that Yahya asserts that God is said to be one in number in reference to his substance, while in reference to his quiddity or whatness, which, according to Yahya, is essentially described as being generous/good, wise, and powereful, he is three This paper impart demonstrate how two critics have formed and expressed their own understandings of Yahyas trea tise on unity and trinity of God. How yahya responds to other scholars attributes on his treatise.Many philosophers challenged Yahya Ibn Adi on his treatise on the unity and trinity of God. In Emilio Plattis article, he critques how Yahya refutes to others about their attributions to his own works. This paper will demonstrate how two critics have formed and expressed their own understandings of Yahyas treatise on unity and trinity of God. How yahya responds to other scholars attributes on his treatise. Many philosophers challenged Yahya Ibn Adi on his treatise on the unity and trinity of God.In Emilio Plattis article, he critques how Yahya refutes to others about their attributions to his own works. In conclusion, it is evident that there are many ways to interpret Yahya Ibn Adis treatises on the unity and trinity of God. There are also numerous ways one can interpret how Yahya refuted back to his own critiques. Griffith and Pratti are two critics who certainly had similar interpret ations of Yahyas refutations.

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Mathur Devo Bhava

In our Hindu culture from puerility we ar taught to respect and obey parents. We believe in MATRU DEVO BHAVA, PITRU DEVO BHAVA, ACHARYA DEVO BHAVA. Answering parents, disobeying them or take to tasking loud at them are considered to be non delicious in particular with traditional families. Now things get changed and children are taught to talk freely anything to every thing to parents or teachers and question them too if they do not feel happy with what they say. It is a scientific way of rescue up and giving space to children and giving them an opportunity to learn things with logical thinking power. however this freedom has been proving in most of the cases being misused and children are fitting over confident and arrogant. If a child is praised for his intelligence in mien of him, our elders used to avoid it he is getting a feeling that he is on top of the world. I deliver seen a 9 years old girl who used to stand scratch in program did not get good marks in Mathematic s and lost(p) her rank to another kid in the class. Her gravel was questioning her and in the meantime her dad said Sarayu, you have to put more focus on Maths. Suddenly he was snapped by the little daughter Dad, I know very well that you were never first in your class.So, entert tell me how to study. Immediately mother took a capacious lesson to the daughter saying that she should never talk wish well that and Dad is not to be questioned. She explained the kid in what kind of stressful circumstances he was grown up and still he made his life in(predicate) so that nowa twenty-four hourss his daughter is studying in prestigious habitual school with all luxuries at home and outside. The girl offcourse learnt the lesson and realised her mistake. Similarly, to solar day when we see children and youngsters least respecting their parents and teachers offcourse, our heart wreathes in pain.We see young boys traffic their Dads Hey stupid guy, you dont understand that or calling la bel their mothers and insulting them is something very terrible. In my opinion, if that youngster may be a Noble Prize winner or a highly paying(a) executive in a Blue chip company, but he is just a Zero in his character as he does not have basic values. To remind one and all the greatness of parents, herewith I am sending a nice inwardness which I came across recently. If this changes even slightly the behaviour of spoilt kids and youngsters, I feel that I have done a good job.It is never too late to realise our mistakes in life. MOTHER This is a rattling BEAUTIFUL piece please read this at a averse pace, digesting every word and in leisure do not quicken. this is a treasure For those lucky to still be blessed with your Mother, this is beautiful. For those of us who arent, this is even more beautiful. For those who are Mother, they will love this. The young mother set her foot on the path of life. Is this the long way? she asked. And the aim said Yes, and the way is hard. And you will be old before you lapse the end of it. besides the end will be better than the beginning. But the young mother was happy, and she would not believe that anything could be better than these years. So she played with her children, and gathered flowers for them along the way, and bathed them in the clear streams and the sun shone on them, and the young Mother cried, Nothing will ever be lovelier than this. consequently the night came, and the storm, and the path was dark, and the children shook with fear and cold, and the mother drew them fast and covered them with her mantle, and the children said, Mother, we are not afraid, for you are near, and no harm groundwork come. And the morning came, and there was a hill ahead, and the children climbed and grew weary, and the mother was weary. But at all times she said to the children, A little patience and we are there. So the children climbed, and when they reached the top they said, Mother, we would not have done it wit hout you. And the mother, when she lay heap at night looked up at the stars and said, This is a better day than the last, for my children have learned fortitude in the face of hardness. Yesterday I gave them courage. Today, Ive given them strength. And the next day came strange clouds which darkened the earth, clouds of war and hate and evil, and the children groped and stumbled, and the mother said Look up. Lift your eyes to the light. And the children looked and saw to a higher take the clouds an everlasting glory, and it guided them beyond the darkness. And that night the Mother said, This is the best day of all, for I have shown my children God. And the days went on, and the weeks and the months and the years, and the mother grew old and she was little and bent. But her children were tall and strong, and walked with courage.And when the way was rough, they lifted her, for she was as light as a feather and at last they came to a hill, and beyond they could see a shining road and golden gates flung wide. And mother said, I have reached the end of my journey. And now I know the end is better than the beginning, for my children fanny walk alone, and their children afterwards them. And the children said, You will forever walk with us, Mother, even when you have gone through the gates. And they stood and watched her as she went on alone, and the gates closed after her. And they said We cannot see her but she is with us still. A Mother like ours is more than a memory.She is a living presence Your Mother is always with you. Shes the whisper of the leaves as you walk down the street shes the smell of blanching agent in your freshly laundered socks shes the cool hand on your brow when youre not well. Your Mother lives inside your laughter. And shes crystallized in every tear drop. Shes the place you came from, your first home and shes the map you follow with every step you take. Shes your first love and your first heartbreak, and nothing on earth can cla ss you. Not time, not space not even death may WE NEVER TAKE OUR MOTHERS FOR GRANTED WHAT A WONDERFUL MESSAGE

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Higher Education, and American Society

After thoroughly reading Race, Higher Education, and American Society, I felt genuinely enlightened. As cliche as that sounds, the clause left me with a better understanding of what causes our fraternity to function worry it does. But on a deeper level I felt clean ashamed of the extreme close-mindedness that seems to run rampant through out our nation. The argument that stood out the most, and was the most interesting to me was The conclusion of most of us is that race does non exist as a biological phenomenon. ut rather that it is kindly and culturally constructed (pg, 216).I wholeheartedly agree and support this argument, its not that society finds the different pigment of 1s skin taboo, only more(prenominal) the various stereotypes one is in a sense branded with by society. The author afterward explains that for the most part this form of discrimination is somewhat subliminal, in that no one would deliberately admit to it. Moses goes into deeper analysis by saying that s tereotypes be based upon people associating original innate characteristics to specific groups of people.Furthermore I share the feeling of the author of how sad it is that we live in a society that is so preconditioned to the idea of fixed racial categories. Ive sight a pattern in history that makes up our country, it is riddled with persecution, but despite this it seems weve learned nothing. I find it embarrassing that we could once be so ignorant to think that fellow human beings could be humble based solely on the color of their skin and the location in which they reside.Although this was not mentioned in the article nor have I read it anyplace else, my hypothesis would be that darker skin pigments are a dominant evolutionary trait. For those that live close to and around the equator the darker skin is a defense to continuous exposure to a sun that is in a sense enveloping(prenominal) than it is in the northern hemisphere. The best evidence in support of the supra mention ed argument provided within in the article is early and extremely established belief that some people cannot learn.What this is saying essentially is certain minorities have inferior brain capacity and therefore cant be taught. This apprehension itself was most easily seen in our own Constitution, being that people of color, paltry white men, and women were not considered to be citizens. Even close to two atomic number 6 years later, there was quiesce virtually no educational and social mobility for minorities. Its that sad cliche of the rich get richer while the poor rest poor. The author also explains how certain elements perpetuate the homogenization of elect universities, such as grades and test scores constitute merit (pg. 17).This in addition to the endless cycle that makes up inner-city education the schools lack resources and the need to prepare these children, giving them a disadvantage when taking standardized tests and more specifically when trying to be admitted i nto a institution of higher learning. In conclusion, it is evident from the information within this article that stereotypes and racism are still found in America, and those who perpetuate them by encouraging homo-geniousness are unless trying to keep the rich rich.

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Why is exercise Important?

Have you always heard the impression use it or lose it ? Well it is rightful(a) if you dont use your body, you go away surely lose it. Your muscles will become flabby and weak. You heart and lungs wont function efficiently, an your joints will be stiff and easily injured. Inactivity is as much of a health risk as smoking. It in any case helps prevent diseases, our bodies were meant to move they actually solicit puzzle out regular exercise is necessary for physical fitness and sizeable health. It reduces the risk of heart disease, provokecer, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other diseases. It also can improve your appearance and delay the aging process.It helps improves stamina, because when you exercise, your body uses cipher to keep going. Aerobic exercise involves continues and rhythmic physical motion, such as walking and bicycling. It improves your stamina by training your body to become more(prenominal) efficient and use less energy for the same amount of work, as your conditioning level improves your heart rate and breathing rate pass on to resting levels much sooner from strenuous activity. Exercise is also a cite to weight control because it burns calories. If you burn off more calories than you bribe in, you lose weight. It is as simple as that.Once you begging to exercise regularly, you will discover many more reasons why exercise is so important to improving the quality of your life. Exercise reduce stress, lift moods, and helps you repose better. It can keep you looking and felling younger throughout your entire life. How lots should you exercise? The benefits of any exercise program will diminish if it is break too frequently. A stop-start routine is not only ineffective, but can cause injuries. Being consistent with exercise, therefore, is probably the most important grammatical constituent in achieving desired results.

Hiding Behind the Mask

As a non-traditional student attending college, I sometimes theorise on how I have secluded myself. I am victorious both online and opposite classes, and seem to inter my fears adept time or another. Like Paul Laurence Dunbar in his poem, We Wear the Mask I batch tell that different types of people do cloud behind the disguise rather than being honest with themselves, because I seem to do that also, whether it is to proceed ourselves or the feelings of another.When I participate in my online classes, I seem to express things in discussions that I wouldnt say in a face-to-face setting, so I seem to traverse behind a bury while in my classes. The mask hides my fears, and emotions that I would be ashamed to draw otherwise. As in We Wear the Mask they also have fears, and emotions, save their fears are of the history that they have suffered. We all seem to put on fake faces and pretend for many different reasons.As an argument, however, I hide behind a mask not for negativit y or intentional, alone it does allow me to respond with my real thoughts and ideas. Dunbars mask is used to hide their true selves behind grins, and lies. However, I believe many people hide behind a mask because of being ashamed to show a part of their real identities, or because of a lie in one form or another. I believe one should learn from the past, and hold off the mask so that you can clearly see what lies ahead.

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Improving Listening Skill

NGO TH? THUY droppings DH27AV03 TOPIC IMPROVING LISTENING SKILL FOR SECOND-YEAR STUDENTS OF FOREIGN lyric poem FA CULITY IN BANKING UNIVERSITY abstract introduction literature review History of comprehend English skill A brief review of literature tie in to language sense of pecking english methods shows that leran more active this in fresh talk- a comprehensive set of tools to help you build stronger relationships and overcome confabulation obstacles (Lisa B. Marshall,2012. P. 4)In real-life auditory modality situations(Louanne Piccolo,2012,para 1) most of the spoken language we listen to is informal, spontaneous and mess contain many features like slurred speech, colloquial vocabulary and wild grammar. seeers usually know in advance some liaison about what is going to be verbalise as they expect to hear something relevant to the context in which they find themselves. Speakers usually direct what they are saying at the attendee and take the listeners character and in tentions into account when speaking.Naturally, listeners are normally speakers as intimately as we usually respond to what we are listening to by winning part in the conversation or by answering questions. A small amount of the listening we do is come ine blindly with listening to the radio or talking on the phone. However, most of the time, at that place is something or someone to look at that is linked to what is being said. sense of hearing in the Classroom is not the same as real-life listening that is as realistic a simulation of real-life listening as possible.Listening activities should be training students and preparing them for effective functioning outside the classroom. They should also provide students with enforce in coping with some features of real-life situations. Types of Listening Activities No overt receipt activities Students do not have to do anything in reception to the listening text. Often students facial expression and body language testament bom b what they have understood. Activities of this type include storytelling, listening to songs or watching movies and videos. abruptly response activitiesStudents dont only have to give responses verbally but sight also respond by performing a task in response to instructions, ticking off items on a worksheet as they hear them being said, ticking off true/false answers in response to statements or writing big money missing boys from cloze exercises. coherent response activities Students can engage in answering questions verbally about a listening text, taking notes from a mini-lecture by rewriting what you said in different words to the ones you used or writing a brief summary of a listening text. ( Larry M.Lynch,2000, para. 2) Study exploring listening english methods Slow your listening d birth. Take a minute to breathe and hypothecate about listening and to be aware and present. Listen from your head to your toes. Listen as if what you are hearing could change your life. Fac toid We speak an average of great hundred words per minute, but listen four times faster. Your mind fills the perturbation by thinking of other things and wandering off. Stay focused. Slow down your listening and listen more than you talk. Pay attention. Watch out for sheeny objects Stay focused.Dont get distracted, but rather offer a statement of observation. For example say, It sounds like youre angry (or sad/ untune/frustrated, etc. ). Listen and watch for the tone of voice, body language, and facial expressions of the mortal youre talking to. (fred crane, 2000, p. 1) Get clarification. Listen first, thus, ask questions. Find a way to understand their story their facts, their feelings, and their perceptions. Say, Tell me more, or clarify by saying, help me understand, or do you mean to say that? If you still dont understand, ask again in a different way.Sometimes you may need to ask for different words. My daughter may say something like, the thing didnt work and its just not fair I may have to ask her to find a different word to use for thing to understand what she is trying to communicate. Paraphrase. Repeat in your own words what was said to make sure you understand. Try this paraphrasing technique What I hear you saying is or So you are saying that And then check for spirit. Say, Is that right? After listening carefully, respond genuinely. Dont fake it.An insincere response is worse than no response. Give non-verbal communication. social occasion eye contact and head nods to show your concern and interest. And, heres a tip a response that demonstrates you really werent listening is not a good response. A simple change in the way we listen will change the way we understand and how we respond. nimble listening will increase the odds of success at understanding what the real issue is. This may take some practice, but you will get better at it, and it may even transform a relationship or two. ( Betty Lochner on August 11, 2011)

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Creative Arts Therapy Essay

A meditate was performed in the United region in 2012 to evaluate the usefulness of original therapy for dementedness patients. Creative therapy squirt include art, dance, and music, and movement. There is a wide range of pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions that rear be utilise with dementia. The use of liberal arts or germinal therapy has been be to be useful with dementia patients. This would be useful in use health care to help patients with agitation and affected verbal verbalism also.It has positive gear ups on psychogenic health, specifically self-esteem, well-being, recovery, and perception of pain. recollection therapy is also effective in improving mood and cognition. This train was carried egress in two community units that provided day treatment and inpatient run for patients with dementia. Nurses and support support ply took part in the evaluation. The nurses and lag trustworthy a one day training workshop in creative therapy. Therapy w as given for 30 minutes, three times weekly. Interventions, and observations were record.Photographs were taken to use for futurity reminiscence. Patients were invited to take part in dance, drama, music, and movement activities. Ethical approval was non required but consent for the project and photographs was obtained from patients or their family members. To maintain anonymity, participants were depute an identification number. The sketch was conducted over an eight week period. Information was preserve on attendance, activities, and outcomes of the sessions. The degree of utility in each participant was recorded during each session.No procession was zero. Some improvement was one, and marked improvement was two. Activities included dance and use of objects to aid in memory stimulation. The conclusion session included singing, breathing exercises, and gentle movement. The same two staff members collected data during each session. Neurological deterioration in the frontage lobes in Alzheimers disease inhibits motivation and self -expression. Arts and creative activities outhouse help a person communicate by creative self-expression. Participants in both units showed marked improvement in communication.Pleasure and utilisation are important for well-being. All but two of the participants in the study showed pleasure and enjoyment. This suggests that creative therapy can have a positive effect on well-being. This study showed that dementia patients responded well to creative therapy. Some limitations to creative therapy are the skill mix of the staff and the individual diagnosis of dementia and degree of complexity of the patients needs. This study suggests that maintaining artistic approaches to health care can have beneficial outcomes for patients.Creative therapy should be adoptive into mainstream care services for dementia patients. Short and long term cause of the therapy still need to be researched. Creative arts therapy uses art, music, dance , movement, and yoga. Creative arts therapy is useful for communication, emotional release, and healing. It helps promote self-expression, emotional well-being, coping skills, emotional release, and launch physical and mental strength. Hospitalization is stressful. Arts therapy can help lose weight the stress level of patients. It is particularly useful for hospitalized children.Dance and movement therapy can be very useful to reduce stress and help heal disabilities and diseases. It is useful for a wide range of disorders such as autism, mental retardation, post- traumatic stress disorder, Parkinsons, dementia, and depression. It can also be used for cheat patients to help build coordination. It provides social interaction, expression, reduces stress, and improves motor abilities as well as providing exercise. It would be very useful in renewal, centers, day care centers, breast feeding homes, and childrens units in hospitals.It is a good way for nurses and other staff to intera ct with their patients. Staff should be properly trained to provide this therapy or physical or occupational therapist can be used to provide creative arts therapy. The ethical considerations in this study mostly revolved around willing participation from patients. All of the patients in the study volunteered to take part. Consents were obtained from patients and family members. They also consented to photographs being taken. The patients were identified by numbers during the stainless 8 week study so they were therefore anonymous in the results.Ethical approval was not required since this was a service improvement project evaluation. No harm was done to patients in whatsoever way. For each physical activity the patient should first be cleared of any attempt to their health by their doctor. Patients should be able to stop therapy at any time. Some of the rights involved were the right to self- determination, right to privacy, right to amusement park treatment, and protection f rom discomfort and harm. All of these patient rights were respected in this study. The risk benefit ratio was acceptable.There was little if any risk to patients and the study could benefit the participants and others. I feel that creative arts therapy can be used in many more settings than it is currently. As a rehabilitation nurse I believe it should be incorporated into the physical therapy the patients accept each day. Patients stay on the unit I work on for 5 to 30 or sometimes more days. This kind of therapy would in all likelihood greatly improve patient satisfaction. They often feel that physical therapy is straining work. Mixing art and creative therapy would make it more enjoyable.

Wisdom: Virtue and People

My friend Lili is probably the only individual who I could really human action to for advice and her wisdom and make outledge has unceasingly facilitateed me by means of the rough metres and the frank times. I remember meeting Lili one day at inculcate and asked if I could borrow a pencil from her during math class. When I returned it indorse she said I could adopt it but to try not to pull back it since it is an obvious writing instrument to be in possession of. Well, after a few long time I noticed she would sit alone during lunch time so I asked her if she wanted to join my friends and I for lunch, ever since we have been trump of friends.According to my reading in my Positive Psychology books in Ch. 10 confuse 10. 2 Classification of virtues and character strengths wisdom and knowledge is cognitive strengths that intend the acquisition and use of knowledge. The defining strengths describe her or what she possesses creativity, curiosity, open-mindedness, love of n urture, and perspective. She has always been creative since day one when I asked to borrow a pencil. During that time we were learning how to make a cube show up of paper and Lili knew how to do the cube without even asking how to make it. She could make things to be productive.I could take out during a camp out with a bunch of girls how to make things out of sticks with leaves and such. It was amazing on how much she knew without really knowing how to do it in the beginning. Her open-mindedness was well respected in our little time of knowing from each one other. One of the attributes I think I develop nearly was learning to give full advice to those who come to me to talk about anything. She taught me how to give the take up advice, but to give the advice I would give myself. Listening to people is a way to open your heart and let the people you love in. I think there are many reasons why she is wise.For example, the way she talks and gives advice to other people and also t he attitude she has its so passionate and loving. I dont know what it is about her that people go up to her and trust her with everything I find it amazing. Another example would be the past she has been through has do her smart about life and about people. Going through boastful and good times and taught her a lesson about life and about everything. She didnt have a life standardised every child had, she had a baffling life that made her suffer a lot. So I saying up to her because I know she knows what she is talking about and how she deals with life.Also she does not account on any one with anything, she has always done things on her own. I think that the one attribute that I need to learn the most is listening to people before giving them my opinion because I have this habit that I usually make assumptions before hearing or knowing what the person is going through. This is the one that I need to net profit so I can be there for people like my best friend has been there for people. Knowing what people have been through will help me be there for people and also help them out through the good and bad times.I am the type of person that I love being there for people even if I am struggling with my own riddles because seeing how people deals with there problem helps me gain confidence about myself and solving other peoples problems as well. I cant say Im good at giving advice but I know that I could at least give someone a good advice or even I could take some ones opinion to learn. So seeing my friend and the way she is there and how she helps me, the love she gives and how she gives company when I need someone makes me want to be that person as well. I know by this I will become a conk out person.

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Psychological perspectives Essay

The intellect is a super computer with a modify network of neurones subserving m whatever of the activities of our unremarkable animation. Many of us be insensible of the various interconnected processes that work in unison to let us lead a simple uncomplicated life. Only when someone is ghastly or non conventionality do we feel the messing up of a great system. cognitive function is the intellectual process by which a person becomes aw atomic number 18 of, perceives or comprehends ideas.Recognition, conception, sensing, thinking, reasoning, remembering and imagining all come under(a) cognitive functions ( Parayannis, 2000) Behaviour, being emotional or angry atomic number 18 separate features of cognitive functions of the mind-set. They are all related to specific centers or regions of the mind. wound in the cultivate of trauma or illnesses leads to various cognitive impairments. Summarizing I would deign to declare that each of us is what our brains would want us t o be. The combinations and permutations of the neurones settle our ainity, skills, talents, feelings, behavior and responses.However we are aware of the fact only in the case of dam board to one or more electron orbits of the brain. The theme I shall discuss in my paper is Psychological perspectives. I have selected iv chapters from this course which I believe should carry the message of the enigma that is the brain and the emotions that are attach for a social set up. They are shop System (Chapter 8), Cerebral Cortex and the Lobes of the brain( Chapter 2), Aggression and Prosocial Behaviour (Chapter 16 ) and hearty Development (Chapter 3). retentivity Memory is of three kinds sensory, short-term and coherent-term.Sensory fund depends on auditory, optical and visuo spatial functions . Both cerebral cerebral cerebral cerebral hemispheres are mingled in analyzing sensory data, performing reposition functions, learning new information, forming thoughts and do decisions (P arayannis, 2000). The left field(a) takes care of the sequential analysis. New information is systematically and logically interpreted. Symbolic information like language, mathematics, abstraction and retrospection is also dealt with. Memory is stored in a language format. The repair hemisphere deals with the interpretation of binary sensory inputs and here fund is stored as auditory, visual and spatial functions. wizards environment is understood. The interpretation of dancing and gymnastics are likely through the compensate hemisphere functions. brusque term memory holds down(p) amounts of information. Selective attention is involved. Everything that we see or hear is non stored. Short term memory is sensitive to interruption or interference. combined with opposite mental processes, short term memory forms an sector of working memory which we use to do our thinking with. This behaves like a scratchpad. When we tackle arithmetic, do a puzzle, prepare a meal or read some thing, we are using our working memory.Information that has to be stored for presbyopic is possible overdue to long term memory which is also a function of the brain. The area which holds infinite amounts of information ignore never run out of post. A persons educational caliber is supported by this long term memory which is encoded in terms of meaning and importance. Our daily activities are enabled by dual memory comprising of short term and long term memory. When we have an information which we used (short-term) yet is not postulate for the period being, we store it in our long term memory and mean it when necessary.Memory loss, a feature of cognitive impairment, is the delay or harm to recall recent or distant take downts. dimout is an extreme form of memory loss when caused by a more severe taint to the brain, probably in a road accident, bomb explosion or shooting incident. Involvement due to injury or develop can produce loss of memory of varying levels. Loss can be a mild dysfunction (MCI ) or severe and named as dementia. older mickle of 55-80 years of age could have cognitive impairment without having any illness.Memory loss is seen in degenerative disorders or dementias like Alzheimers, traumatic brain injuries, following ECT or in Korsakoffs psychosis. defile to the limbic system causes a loss of recent memory. This is seen in Korsakoffs Disease. Recent events are forgotten due to a direct put in of alcohol or due to the associated nutritional deficiencies. . The ability to store and reclaim from short term memory is affected in natural aging too. The foremost problem is the loss of recent memory in Alzheimers Disease. The care-taker needs to be extremely patient as all her time would be spent for looking after the patient ( Ballenger, 2006).Traumatic Amnesia usually occurs as a transient phenomenon following a forefront injury. ECT induced amnesia follows episodes of ECT in a psychiatric illness. The amnesia is transient and may last a year. Patients with implicit memory (not dependent on the part of the brain) remember to do some things (Dorf et al, 1994). spacious damage to the left cerebral lens cortex can affect long term memory. Damage to the make up cerebral cortex produces a trouble in the visual and auditory sensings and visuo-spatial deficit. Memories of seen articles or heard songs or even regularly visited places would not be remembered.The Cerebral Cortex and the Lobes of the Brain The brain is composed of the cerebrum, cerebellum and the brain stem. The cerebrum forms the greatest part and is divided into lobes named by the lie bone (April, 1990). The left and right cerebral hemispheres consist of the cerebral cortex, duster matter and basal ganglia. The cerebral cortex is the outermost layer of the brain composed of grey matter. It has 1015 individual neurons connected in specific patterns. The clean-living matter holds the tracts which connect the neurons. The surface is folded into gyri separated by sulci or grooves. for each one half of the cerebral hemispheres has the frontal lobe, temporal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, the limbic lobe and the central lobe. Motor and sensory cortex are represent. Sensory cortex is again sub-divided into primary, secondary and association cortices. Primary is where the stimulus reaches first. Secondary is the area which is connected to the primary and dish outs in the processing. Association cortices have a 2 stimuli input. There are 3 identified associable cortices. They are the initiation of thought and perception with practically no influence on behavior.They are the parieto-temporal-occipital cortex, pre-frontal area and the limbic association area. The first receives somatosensory, auditory and visual projections. These associative areas integrate the information from the sensory modalities for language. Injury affecting this area causes a faulty language. The prefrontal area if affected produces problems in s everal cognitive deportments. Difficulty arises in control of force back planning. The ability to concentrate and at escape, magnification of thought, personality and emotional traits are determined here. The frontal lobe subserves cognition and memory.Broadmans area in the left frontal lobe is involved with voluntary motor activities( April,1990). Damage to this area causes contralateral hemiplegia associated with a motor aphasia (involvement of the prefrontal cortex or Brocas area). The parietal lobe processes sensory inputs and discrimination, body druthers and ability to write. Damage would produce an inability to recognize parts of the body, blank and an inability to write. The occipital lobe is involved with primary visual function and visual interpretation. Damage would cause cortical blindness even when the eyes are perfectly regular.The temporal lobe which has the Wernickes area subserves the auditory function, expressed behaviour, heart-to-heart language and memor y. Damage would result in hearing deficits, babeish behaviour and receptive aphasia. Lateralisation is evident in the right and left dominance of people. However this is no indication of the dominance of any hemisphere. 95% of people have left hemisphere language function, 18. 8% have right hemisphere language function. 19. 8 % have bilateral language functions. elongated reasoning, speech and vocabulary are lateralised to the left hemisphere.Dyscalculia is caused by damage to the left temporo-parietal region. This leads to difficulty in doing mathematics. Some language functions like intonation and accentuation are with the right hemisphere. Musical and visual stimuli, spatial manipulation, facial perception and artistic ability are functions of the right too. Logical reasoning is with the left but intuitive reasoning is with the right. Cerebral asymmetry is the feature of the normal human brain. The left is the dominant hemisphere with language functions while the right is inv olved more with visuo-spatial functions.An acquired language deficit accompanying right-sided stroke (left hemisphere involvement) is the best indication that the left hemisphere is dominant for language. The right hemisphere stroke does not involve speech problems. The corpus callosum connects the 2 hemispheres and coordinates the functions of both. whatsoever injury to this area causes Split brain where the coordination between the 2 hemispheres is lost. A split brain patient does not speak of emotions or feelings. The right hemisphere and the left behave independently. The patient appears to have 2 minds.It was revealed in studies by Robert Sperry, a psychobiologist, who conducted studies in patients in whom commissurectomy (severing the corpus callosum from each hemisphere ) was done as a treatment for intractable epilepsy. He found that the two halves of the brain had specific functions and each side acted independently, whereas in the normal brain, the two halves act in coord ination. This is the theory of hemispheric independence (Zaire et al, 1990) later on the operation, the right half showed predominance when it came to spatial tasks like arrangement of blocks.The limbic area is the area of the brain that affects the emotions, rage, fear and sex. Integration of recent memory and biological rhythms are decided here. If this area is affected, an angry but shake personality without emotional control would be the result. Recent memory would be lost. Aggression and Prosocial Behavior Prosocial Behaviour is helpful behavior intend to help other. It is different from altruism in that it is not voluntary helping behaviour that is costly to the giver (PsychologyAn International Perspective, 2004).Another definition states that this refers to the voluntary actions intended to help another ( Eisenberg and Mussen, 1989). Prosocial behaviour refers to the consequences of a doers actions kind of than the motivations behind them. They include sharing, comfortin g, rescuing and helping, understanding the needs of the recipient (Knickerbocker, Learning to give). traditionalistic theories of helping include sociobiology, social learning , empathy and arousal. Physical encroachment is a major health problem. Childhood aggression is a precursor to physiological and mental health problems that occur in later life.Aggressive peasantren are also liable to higher risk of substance abuse , alcoholism, accidents, groundless crimes, depression, suicide attempts, spouse abuse, neglectful and abusive parenting (Tremblay et al, 2004) It is unusual for the in-your-face students to truly harm their targets. However in studies of physiologic aggression in infancy, it was shown that by 17 months, a large majority of children are already aggressive towards their siblings, parents and peers (Tremblay et al, 2004).A study by Tremblay et al attempted to identify the trajectories of physical aggressions during early childhood and also o identify antecede nts of high levels of physical aggression early in life. 572 families with a 5- month old deflower were selected and followed up till 42 months. 3 trajectories were identified. The first group of 28% had children who displayed little or no aggression. 58% showed a rising trajectory of modest aggression. 14 % showed a high level of physical aggression (Tremblay et al, 2004). Best predictors in advance the birth of the child were, having other siblings, confidence interveal, mothers with early( before end of high school ) and high antisocial behaviour , new-fashioned mothers, families with low income and mothers who smoked.The conclusion indicated was that physical aggression started in early infancy. every last(predicate) the predictors before birth were reasons for the child not learning how to deterrent interventions. In order to change or reduce the long term impacts preventive intervention programmes must be chalked out effectively (Tremblay et al, 2004) In a model identify ing 5 factors that prompt voluntarism (Clary and Snyder, 1990), they found that a combination of factors in conclusion motivates volunteers.One factor is altruism but all the other four are self serving motivation by socially adjustable conditions, ego defensive considerations, the rely to acquire knowledge or skills for personal or professional education and helping understanding the needs. Aggression is caused in 3 courses in a child instinct, rewards and observation. Obviously these 3 factors rule the manner in which the aggression is to be overcome or prevented. Catharsis may be tried to vent the childs anger in other ways. Rewarding non aggressive behaviour works. Cognitive training is also effective. Promoting prosocial behaviour should be tried.Rewarding good behaviour may not be so effective. A better way is to try modelling. The parent should model good behaviour as the child always has a tendency to imitate its parents. The parent appeals to the childs pride and desire to be agrown-up (Aggressive and Prosocial Behaviour, Psychology campus. com). Social development Like all serviceman , babies are also social creatures. It was found from studies that babies recognise themselves at the age of 15 months. Prior to that, they would treat their mirror image as another like them and would even coax them to come out to play.At or so 15 months of age, the baby starts showing interest in others and developing a social awareness. It starts showing the emotions of shame, guilt, embarassment and pride. These babies glance at the facial expressions of others to decide how to reply just like adults. In one study babies placed at the side of a high cliff kept watching their mothers faces. If they were encouraging, the babies would cross. When the mothers exhibited fear, the babies did not move. This is identified as social referencing. It. demonstrated the emotional bond or trammel of the babies with their mothers or caregivers.For most infants emotional bon ding appears around 8 to 12 months of age. Psychologist Mary Ainsworth (1913 -1999) spoke about 3 kinds of attachments. The securely attached infants would be upset by the mothers absence. An insecure avoidant child is anxious about the mothers absence but turns out when she returns. An insecure ambivalent child also has an emotional bond but has mixed feelings . It wants to be with the mother but is angry at her and does not want contact. fastenings do play a role in the life of the child and its future behaviour.The securely attached ones would be the most confident. Attachment failures could be damaging. The mother has a strong role in promoting attachment in an infant, hoping to improve its mental status and bringing up a resilient child. Attachments to fathers provides one more reason to have a nigh knit family with well behaved children. When a seond child arrives, attachment security drops. mercenary child care centers if of good quality does provide additional security. Children tend to have better relationships with their mothers and lesser problems.

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We All Have Experienced an Embarrassing Moment in Our Life

Some of the embarrassing moments in our lives are worth disowning while separates are so disgusting that no one would wish to recall or even be associated with them. That daylight will forever remain in my mind. I can recall with nostalgia an incident, which took place five years ago. Back at home, my parents would reward my blood br some other and me for the good grades we scored in the term papers. On this one occasion, my mum rewarded me with two hundred dollars for the good grades in the end year papers. In roam have fun I decided to invite my best friends to a hotel for lunch.On arrival at the hotel, I told my friends to order as much as they wished to take. One after a nonher, they placed their orders and immediately the waiters swung into action and started serving us. The sustenance was very delicious just as the services. We all took to eating, talking and laugh at the jokes we made back at school. On finishing the food, the airman was placed on the table. I hurriedl y reached my pocket to get the property but to my utter disbelief, the two hundred dollars were missing. After a total check in all my pockets, it dawned on me that I had left my dollars in my bedroom.I had been filled with joy and excitement when my mother gave me that I did not hatch to put it in my purse. On waking up in the morning, I was late and so I prepared myself in a promote leaving the money on the table inside my room. I judgment of borrowing money from my comrades but none of them could offer any help. They did not carry any money, as we would be picked by the school slew from home in the morning and only come back in the evening with the same. I approached the waiter and narrated my ordeal but she was fuming with rage.She ordered me to pardon to the director. The hotel director was a kind and understanding man. He listened to my rather disastrous ordeal and allowed me to rush home and get the money but had to pass my school identity card with him just in case I did not to come back. I hurriedly went to the nearest telephone booth, called my jr. brother, and requested him to deliver the money at the hotel. Ever since that day, I ceased to issue to that hotel. I have this fear that some of the waiters might recall my countenance.It was the to the highest degree embarrassing moment of my support. Since the events of that day, my friends have always made jokes regarding that fateful day and would all laugh at it. The other day when I was passing game to the cinema I met with an old good friend of mine who was on that point when all that happened while on summer vacation. We reminisced for quite sometime and he offered to buy me a drink. We hurriedly entered the hotel nearby only to find other two childhood friends. It was a fantastic but strange plow of events as we further talked about the good old times.Food and drinks were served and we started eating, as we talked preoccupied of who had served us. When we had spent some good time inside there, we rise up to go when the bill was placed on the table. The waiter was anxiously waiting for the money. My friend got the money and it was only while he was paying that we cognise it was in this same hotel and the same waiter who had held us at ransom. She in addition was recalling but this time she managed to smile at us. We looked at each other and all we could do was to laugh it was just fabulous. It is amazing how sometimes life can be.

Oral traditions Essay

galore(postnominal) ancient scholars believed Africa had no history prior to colonialism because there was no attested evidence. Professor A.P. Newton, who was a distinguished British historian in the early on 20th century, believed that there was no African history because most of the African society was illiterate before the European intrusion. History, he said, solitary(prenominal) begins when men take to writing. He, as substanti whatsoevery as others who had the same opinion, failed to go by dint of that African communities existed long before colonialism and so had their own history, stock-still though it had non been put into writing at the time. Oral customs dutys affirm contend and continue to play important roles in the history of Africa as well as its present. Songs, folklores, superstitions, etc. be just some of the things that hold prat been passed from times to generation spontaneously. We see the evidence of some of these superstitions in J.P. Clarks _Abiku_ as well as Wole Soyinkas _Abiku_.Both poems are based on traditional superstitions and it is evident from the title, _Abiku_, which is a word from the Yoruba language of Nigeria that is apply to detect a child that dies and is reborn, usually multiple times. It is believed that such children are not of the sympathetic instauration, but rather belong to the spirit world and so they keep going back and forth from unitary world to the other unless the childs family is up to(p) to make the child stay in the compassionate world, using traditional methods most times. These tones and actions are results of oral traditions and, even with the rise of western education in Yoruba communities and Nigeria in general, continue to be upheld by some population. Clark and Soyinka are evidence of the continued dependence and belief in oral traditions by a lot of Africans, even by and by extensive western education.These Africans could be doing this as an in air rebellion agains t western ideas and principles that have sought to ridicule and destroy African culture. During the colonial era, the Europeans did their trump to destroy African culture, especially those that had to do with superstitions and religious beliefs that did not typify with western principles. Concepts like reincarnation were frowned upon heavily by the European missionaries seek to change the religious beliefs of Africans and since most aspects of life were based on trust at the time, changing ones religious beliefs meant changing ones political, social and economic beliefs as well. However, with the rise of heathenish nationalisms, Africans began to dissent European standards as the ideal and focus on bringing African culture back to the forefront. Hence, we see Soyinka and Clark as well as more other African poets bringing their cultural superstitions to their literary works, even though most of them are written in European languages.In Soyinkas _Abiku_ poem, almost every line is do up of cultural beliefs and practices as they relate to the _Abiku_ child. He even dips into non-African oral traditions in the line that says, entertain/ this, and dig me deeper still into/ the gods swollen foot. (14-16). Here, Soyinka is referring to Oedipus, the Greek mythologic figure, and his use of this in his poem suggests that he wants to show that oral tradition is not just an African phenomenon but rather, exists in different cultures all around the world. While, he doesnt expand on this line, it is important because it stands break from the rest of the poem as it is not connected to Yoruba tradition at all and it makes known to its reviewers the fact that oral traditions are universal.Also, Soyinka writes his poem from the disciplines point of view as a means of homosexualizing the character. The ideal of _Abiku_ is usually explained as an other- worldly phenomenon, which made it easier for a lot of throng to disassociate themselves with the idea. However, Soy inka writes his poem in first person in come out to make known to people the fact that _Abiku_ children do exist and they are, in fact, human beings. He brings the _Abiku_ child to the forefront and though the rhetoric is tinged with superstitions and cultural traditions, the fact that it is being told from the childs perspective is a humanizing effort. there is no doubt that the poem emphasizes cultural and eldritch notions, especially through the child, however, the poems use of words like Mothers (line 26) paints a human picture in the minds of the readers. The juxtaposition of spiritual and human language used in the poem lets the readers know that both the spiritual and the human are present in this _Abiku_ child. Therefore, the poet brings to light the idea that the spiritual i.e. traditional and the human i.e. rational can exist and coincide with one another. He is apothegm that African culture can exist fount by side with western culture and one doesnt have to dimini sh the other, which is the direct opposite of what was preached by European missionaries.Also, it is important to note that these two poets as well as most African writers are invested in the conceit of Africanism. Keeping African cultures alive is important and we see the poets using their poems to motivate Africans and the world in general that African culture still exists and has not been destroyed by urbanization. Oral traditions have never been completely legitimate as adequate sources with which to make any kinds of analyses because of the fickle nature of the human memory and so, writing these poems allows the poets show the readers that the culture is still there and these stories and beliefs have not been forgotten. It was important for Africans in historical times to repeatedly observe the oral traditions so they would not forget any parts of it and this is besides one of the reasons why African writers usually add some elements of oral tradition into their works.A lo t of African communities did not have any means of recording their culture for future generations so they just made sure the younger generations became aware of these traditions from the early stages of their lives so these traditions became engrained in their minds by the time they were adults. However, with the colonization of Africa, a lot of Africans are now able read and write these oral traditions and because of this easy access, a lot of Africans have become unaware of a lot of cultural traditions that would have been passed orally. So, the writers complicate oral traditions in their written works to bring these stories, beliefs, practices, etc. back into the minds of Africans and the world.This is why Soyinka and Clark include some traditional processes in their poetry. Soyinka writes about the charms that people believed would keep the _Abiku_ child from going back to the spirit world must I weep for goats and cowries/for palm oil and sprinkled ash? He takes the reade r into the world of the _Abiku,_ using cultural rituals, which then reminds the Africans who had forgotten and informs those who were not underground to this information initially. Clark takes his readers into the immediate environment of the _Abiku_ child, both the physical environment and the spiritual environment Do stay out on the baobab channelize/follow where you please your kindred spirits/if indoors is not large for you.In conclusion, oral traditions are very important in African culture as well as other cultures around the world and the use of written language in passing oral traditions has been facilitatory in bringing forgotten histories back into the minds of its people.BIBLIOGRAPHYFage, J. D., and British Broadcasting Corporation. Africa Discovers Her Past. capital of the United Kingdom Oxford University Press, 1970.Henige, David P. The Chronology of Oral Tradition Quest for a Chimera. Oxford Clarendon Press, 1974.Adesanmi, Pius. Youre Not a Country, Africa A Person al History of the African Present. Johannesburg Penguin Books (South Africa), 2011.

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Freedom in the Modern World

granting immunity in the Modern arena Freedom of Choice, Religion and Rights all in all depends on the bill of Freedom of the electronic jamming indoors a farming. Remor J. Gamutan Reg. 1868 August 3, 2011 ENG 101 B Section 70 B Professor Hans Straub Introduction Unlike the past, the ground today is to a massiveer extent united in diversity. close to countries in the moderne creation, boast unity of peck from different cultures and backgrounds with the analogous populationality. With unity in diversity comes emancipation of op rouseed races and culture.Freedom is a word around of the newborn generations atomic number 18 rattling proud of however, it is only a theory for nigh concourse from Third World countries and non- republican populations. agree to Sudeshna Pal who is an economist at Georgia College and State University, racial tension and other instabilities within a untaught, such as, execration, religious problems, heathen clashes and many more, c an be solved by giving more liberty to the adjure. (Bailey, 2011) The media is regarded by many, as a authorful tool to create recreation within a country, given over that journalists ingest the impoverisheddom to write what they need.Creating a vindicate press allows a countrys citizens to not only criticize their governing bodys activities but also to give them more knowledge about what is accident within their nation, and what they can do to revolutionize it, to modify its situation. Criticism for governments whitethorn not be the easiest to handle, especially when its coming from the majority of the nations people. It could be viewed as futile for some countrymen nonetheless, it is a haughty way of informing the government of what the country needs through the peoples perspective, in addition to theirs. Rummel, 1989) This inquiry highlights the richness of liberty of the press, and its compulsory correlation to granting immunity of religion, immunity of quality , dutys and overall independence within a country. This is designed to comp ar and contrast the prevailing problems of different nations and the add of exemption the press have, in relation to the overall mightys of the people. Furthermore, I am passing to discuss the countries with the to the lowest degree(prenominal) amount of exemption and the countries with the or so, in the modern cosmea.My research also provides information about the conditions and concomitantors that contribute to the overall liberty of each citizen within a nation. Freedom of the press Advantages and disadvantages of Free Media Liberty in the press means that the government does not restrict much of whats being bring outed, especially the news that they think ar governmentally threatening. each(prenominal) sound-established newsmen know the importance of de put outring the truth to the people especially the things that relate to politics.According to R. J. Rummel, whitethorn it be insurance -makingly undermining or encouraging, the citizens of a country have the right to know the truth about the activities of their accredited governments. The reason why savedom of the media is the key to national stability is because the citizens possess the index finger to suggest or show their perspective and views towarf ards the government and it even promotes revolution if a policy-making get outy is generally viewed as corrupting the system. Rummel, 1989) This allows a nations leaders to work in tandem with the citizens on improving all aspects of the country, and thus eliminating corruption and weak political figures, much like the intrinsic selection in the theory of livelihood. such great advantages that comes with a separated press is putting green during the wads Power Revolution in the Philippines, in 1986. As an extype Ale of how a nation can be improved through media liberation, the act of revolution by the Filipinos that year is well documented and cognise th roughout the whole world.This shows that with unloosendom of the press, the whole nation has access to the rightful(a) intentions of their leaders and can groundwork united as one to overthrow him/her. (Delotavo,2006). Through overleap of media censoring by the Philippine government, the people were well aw ar of the corruption of its political leaders. Despite the implementation of martial law, underground newspapers were distributed and a call by the Catholic Church for the nation to stand united against one common enemy (the president), was successful.The success of the press united all the Filipinos, which caused an uprising and resulted into the menses regime (at that time), being overthrown, in the close non-violent manner. The streets of EDSA and majority of Manila (now subway Manila), were flooded with millions of people as they sought to remove from power the current president of that time, Pres. Ferdinand Marcos. The people stood united, without any violent act. Th ey were simply chanting rowing with the intention of pleading the president to step down from power.With cameras feeding live videos of the revolution all over the world, it was inevitable for Marcos to surrender without any reaction. (Delotavo, 2006). not long after Marcos, another president Pres. Joseph Ejercito Estrada, got taken off from power and sent to jail, through the comparable process, in retaliation to the alleged can that he committed, which has been published by the press. After those ensuants, the nigh generation of political leaders in the Philippines aims to be real truthful and convincing in each of their annual State of the Nation Address (SONA), which is broadcasted live on TV.When the President states his/her plans and report the use of the government funds during the SONA, the entire nation is watching because that date is regarded as a national holiday in the Philippines. Such revolution is common all over the world today, and roughly countries have li cense of the press for the sole purpose of educating the people and property them knowledgeable about current political events. The sharing of non- illegalize information from the government to its citizens reduces the instabilities within a country.These instabilities atomic number 18 calculated in seven ways by Sureshna Pal as ethnic tensions, external and internal conflicts, crime and disorder, military preparation in government, and religious tensions. (Bailey, 2011), as she analyzed the information from 98 countries. She found out from her analysis that a rise in freedom of the press creates a decrease of all the measures of instability within a country. These are the advantages of having a liberal media. According to the, World in the public eye(predicate) opinion a report of results from 22 nations released during the International Freedom mean solar day in 2008, most countries prefer freedom of the press.As shown in Fig. 1, most nations, omit for majority of the Mu slim dominated lands which compose of Egypt, Turkey, Palestine Territories, Iran, Jordan and Indonesia, voted for the idea of press freedom. The average vote for liberty of the press amidst the 22 countries is 57% while only 35% believed that the government must have the power to censor the media from publishing things that could be politically threatening for the government. (World Public Opinion).Most Muslim dominated countries believe that the government has the right of censorship because of the Islamic culture. Islam has a long history of authoritarian tradition, and press restrictions are considered as a right of the government by these countries to preserve political stability. Such stability is not necessarily the overall stability within the country which is described by Pal to be measured in seven different ways, but stability in toll of the people in power. However, this does not mean that such countries do not desire more press freedom.Countries like Egypt, Jordan, In donesia, and the Palestine Territories are among those Muslim countries who voted that their nations could do punter with more liberty of the media as shown in the chart below. Despite these figures and known advantages of having freedom of the press, many can still argue that too much liberty of the media, especially during conflict and war, can be a great disadvantage. This is because the press could be dominantly biased on one opinion, and that simple facts and figures could be manipulated. (World Public Opinion)According to K. A Soxmans article, TMI, Tet and the Media, most of the American people who are in the regular army during the Vietnam War were easily persuaded that USA was release to overlook the war, and many American soldiers have already died. The latter was in fact the truth however, the media were convincing enough that the American citizens assumed that reports from the press were blow% accurate. This resulted in to a lack of support to the soldiers in Vietnam from the USA, and the majority of the American people sought the return of the soldiers back home.The press were biased against the war and reported that the Tet offensive was a lost battle where in fact, US soldiers have won that fight and could have, arguably, carried on to ultimately win the war. (Soxman, 1980). The same happened during the war in Iraq. Since the tragedy of 9/11, rumors have spread that USA was trying to invade and conquer Iraq for their oil, and many other reasons. Those are rumors deemed to be true for some irresponsibly biased media who never revealed the true intentions of the American government.Since then, such reports took its toll on the government, and they have been heavily criticized as liars and devouring(a) by their own people. Biased reports made the US regime expect a heavy price after the war on Iraq with unfathomable criticism. (Grieder, 2004). The disadvantages of freedom of the press are that it could be misleading. During war and conflict, a s part of human nature, many take sides of a story and believe it to be true, even the media. With such beliefs, come strong line of credits that can be very convincing if manipulated well by the educated. It can also be true in terms of political issues.A certain group of the media may be on one side while another would be on the other side. This also explains why most of the Muslim dominated countries shown in Fig. 1 voted against press freedom because such countries have long history of documented internal conflicts. However, with the right precautions and the right of the government to question, not necessarily censor such reports, could resolve conflicts. With groups of the media on different sides of a story, the result could be disagreement in the short run, but, it is a entire way to debate and analyze the positives from each side and create a positive resolution in the long run.Freedom of the Press The Countries with the Least Freedom of the press and its conditions Accor ding to the article, Countries with the Least amount of Press Freedom in the World, which used the data that was released by Reporters without Borders in October 2009, the top five nations with the least amount of liberty of the media are Eritrea, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Iran and Burma. Following the report in 2006 by the Committee to protect Journalists (CPJ) on the, 10 Most illegalize Countries, North Korea was always among the top because of its Communism. Most of these countries are hardly democratic.In a communist country like North Korea, reports of famine, poverty and even take by government officials are never reported. This is because all the domestic news-related matters are fully controlled by the government. Radio channels, television and even newspapers always publish their communist leader, Kim Jong Ils wisdom. On a tragic incident that occurred in April 2004 near the border of China, where a munitions train exploded, the amount of people who died were not reporte d, instead the North Korean press reported the consignment of the people towards their leader by saving his portraits before their beloved families.The deliver shown in Fig. 3, however, shows the devastation of such incident, provided by the World Food Program, where in that location were 150 people recorded dead and thousands were injured. (10 most censored countries, 2006). Many of the negative occurrences within the country are never revealed to the world, go forth its citizens at the mercy of their leader. Almost all of the top ten least free countries in terms of media liberty have the exact same problem in that their leaders isolate the country from the rest of the world to gain full control of their nation and to erase all threats that could potentially overthrow them.Freedom of the Press The Countries with the Most Freedom of the press and its conditions Shown in Fig. 4, in the 22 nations that were assessed by World Public Opinion, the country which had the most amount o f freedom of the media is the UK with 71%, voting for a lot, and 22% voted for some, followed by the USA with 66% who responded with a lot, while 26% voted for some. Both countries are very democratic countries and have very few or no internal conflict between ethnic groups and racial tension.The same pattern applies for the top ten countries with the most freedom of the media, from the data collected by Reporters without Borders, in the article Countries with the Least measuring rod of Press Freedom in the World. The nations which belonged to the bottom of that list has the highest press freedom and least government censorship, and those countries are Sweden, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Finland, Denmark and many more which are mostly from Europe and North America. Such results prove R. J.Rummels argument on his article, Freedom of the PressA Way to Global public security, that free media promotes democracy to be and accurate claim. Overall freedom within a agricultural The Mea surement of Overall Freedom? Pal, according to Bailey in the article, Peace and the Press Media Bolster Social Cohesion, has conducted an analysis of the correlation between press freedom and the seven measures of instability within a country. These instabilities were measured as ethnic tensions, external and internal conflicts, crime and disorder, military participation in government, and religious tensions.Such instabilities are described by Pal to only improve with the increase of liberty by the press, quoting Thomas Jeffersons wisdom, Were it left to me to ascertain whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. (Bailey, 2011). Those measures were close to the actual bar of a countrys overall freedom once compared to the essential report of Freedom in the World 2011 the Authoritarian Challenge to Democracy, create verbally and compiled by Arch Puddington.Thus, the overall freedo m of a country is measured based on these conditions whether or not there is an open political competition, respect for religion and civil rights from the government, how significant the independent civic life is, independence of media, and strength of the rule of law. Given these conditions, three broad categories are derived, Free, Partly Free, and Not Free, with the conditions given in the Box (Fig. 5). A country, as stated in Fig. should possess positive values of the conditions written there, which includes freedom of religion, political right of the people, and right of speech which can be include in the category of independent media. According to Puddingtons report, there are 87 countries which represent 45% of the worlds 194 countries that are considered as free. That consists of 43% of the worlds population. However, there are 47 countries that were categorized as not free, which represents 24% of the worlds countries.In total, the population stands at 2, 434, 250,000 peopl e or 35%, a move number despite the increase of democratic nations throughout the years. Overall freedom within a Country The Countries with the least amount of overall freedom Of the 24% of the World countries (47 nations) which are categorized as not free, there are nine which are absolutely the worst in terms of Overall Freedom. In relation to having the least amount of Press Freedom, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Iran and Burma are again amongst these countries categorized as the worst.The people are thought to have no political rights, no freedom of choice and civil liberties which include freedom of religion and many more. This further proves the importance of a liberal media, and why it is considered by many as the most important tool within a country to keep its peace. It is well reported that lack of freedom only haunts the Authoritarian nations and cultures. Most democratic nations are categorized as free countries, where the press is relatively free of restriction and all t he other measures of instabilities are low.Overall freedom within a Country The Countries with the most amount of overall freedom In Puddingtons review, he did not state the countries with the highest amount of overall freedom because of its lack of importance compared to the not free countries, in which his report focuses on. However, in the regional patterns shown in page 9 of his report (shown as fig. 6 below), the Americas and western sandwich Europe, which has the most democratic countries, has the most number of free nations. This is similar to the Countries with the Most Freedom, in page 10 of this research paper some(prenominal) regions also had the most liberty of media.Analysis Freedom in the world According to all the data collected in this research, Democratic Nations are the most free nations in the world in terms of all the conditions that were mentioned before. In the figures and charts taken from Puddingtons thorough review, which will be shown on the next few pages , it can be derived that Democracy is indeed the best policy and in relation to the data collected earlier in terms of Freedom of the press, most free nations, are democratic and have a high press freedom. Conclusion Both Sudehsna Pal and R. J.Rummel are right when they claim that press freedom is the key for democracy and peace. In the Country Breakdown by status, Not free countries are the last in terms of the number of nations within that category. However, it has the second largest population, shown in the population breakdown. In the Regional data, it is clear that the regions found to have the most freedom of the press, have the most overall freedom. It is very surprising that the countries that are not free, which have few political rights and civil liberties, have 35% of the worlds total population, whereas the countries which are free has 43%.Nevertheless, there is a positive correlation between press freedom and overall freedom of a country. This shows the importance of a liberal press within a nation, because with no restrictions to report what is needed, the government could stay honest to its people to empty negative criticisms. It also allows the citizens to be well educated about what is going on within their country and can act upon their own to religious service the government resolve internal issues. References Countries with the least amount of Freedom in the World. (2009), http//www. blatantworld. om/feature/the_world/least_free_national_press_hypertext markup language. (2011, July 19) Delotavo, A. J. (2006). Ethical Considerations on Ecclesio-Political Involvement A Philippine People Power Case. Asia Journal of Theology, 20(2), 221-229. Academic see Premier Database. www. ebscohost. com (2011, July 17) Europe fall from its pedestal, no respite in the dictatorships. (2010). Press Freedom Index 2010, Retrieved from http//en. rsf. org/press-freedom-index-2010,1034. html (2011, July 20) Fadhil Ali , M. (2011). Freedom has a price. The CBS Interactive Business Network, Retrieved from http//findarticles. om/p/news-articles/new-straits-times/mi_8016/is_20110715/freedom-price/ai_n57838829/ (2011, July 12) Freedom in the world 2011 the authoritarian take exception to democracy. (2011). Report- Freedom House, Retrieved from http//reliefweb. int/node/381505 (2011, July 14) Freedom of the media country by country results. (2008). World Public Opinion, Retrieved from http//www. worldpublicopinion. org/pipa/pdf/apr09/WPO_PressFreedom_Apr09_countries. pdf. (2011, July 19) Greider, W. (2004, May 3). Iraq as Vietnam. Nation. p. 5. Academic Search Premier Database. www. ebscohost. com (2011, July 17)International public opinion says government should not limit internet access. (2009 ). World Public Opinion, Retrieved from http//www. worldpublicopinion. org/pipa/articles/ btjusticehuman_rightsra/477. php? lb=bthr& antiophthalmic factorpnt=477&nid=&id=an_rightsra/477. php? lb=bthr&pnt=477&nid=&id=&gclid=CLqZw6Txiq oCFUka6wod9ye7xg (2011, July 14) Ladeur, K. (2009). The myth of the neutral state and the individualization of religion the relationship between state and religion in the face of fundamentalism. Cardozo Law Review, 30(6), 2445-2471. Academic Search Premier Database. www. ebscohost. om (2011, July 17) Neuhaus, R. , Wahid, A. , Smith, N. , Chamarik, S. , Bernas, J. , & Delgado, M. (1985). RELIGIOUS FREEDOM IN THE THIRD WORLD. World Affairs, 147(4), 253. Academic Search Premier Database. www. ebscohost. com (2011, July 17) Puddington, A. (2011). Freedom of the world 2011 the authoritarian challenge to democracy. Freedom House, Retrieved from http//reliefweb. int/sites/reliefweb. int/files/resources/ EFA28E3670B830004925781E000EA6EA-Full_Report. pdf (2011, July 14) Ronald Bailey Peace and the press media bolster social cohesion. Reason. FindArticles. om. 18 Jul, 2011. http//findarticles. com/p/articles/mi_m1568/is_4_43/ai_n57762421/ (2011, July 14) Rummel , R. J. (1989). Freedom of t he press a way to global peace*. Retrieved from http//www. hawaii. edu/powerkills/FREEPRESS. HTM (2011, July 19) Soxman, K. A. (1980). TMI, Tet and the media. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 36(3), 64. Academic Search Premier Database. www. ebscohost. com (2011, July 17) Ten most censored countries. (2006). Committee to Protect Journalists, Retrieved from http//cpj. org/reports/2006/05/10-most-censored-countries. php (2011, July 14)

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Journey of Life

2010 Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya(Technical University) B. E gracious Engineering mannequin QUESTION PAPER 2010, RGPV, Bhopal, Thermo fluid for Civil Engg. Question paper (1) send enters a nozzle steadily at 2. 21 kg/m3 and 30 m/s and leaves at 0. 762 kg/m3 and 180 m/s. If the admittance playing field of the nozzle is 80 cm2 , determine the mass flow gait and the exit area of the nozzle. (2) A frictionless piston cylinder device ab initio contains two hundredL of saturated refrigerant-134a.The piston is free to pass away and its mass is such that it maintains a jam of 800kPa on the refrigerant. The refrigerant is now het up(p) until its temperature rises to 500C. Calculate work done during the process. (3) A move power instal receives screw up from the furnace at a rate of 280GJ/h. erupt losses to the surrounding air from the steam as it passes through with(predicate) the components of the power plant is 8GJ/h. The waste heat transferred to the cooling w ater is 145GJ/h.Determine the net power out pull of the plant and the thermal efficiency of the plant. (4) (1) Air enters an adiabatic nozzle steadily at 300 kPa, 200oC and 30 m/s. It leaves at 100 kPa and 180 m/s. The inlet area of the nozzle is 80 cm2. start the mass flow rate through the nozzle, temperature at the exit of the nozzle and the area of the nozzle at its exit. (5)Air is heated in a circular duct by a 15 KW galvanic heating system placed indoors the duct.Air enters the duct at 100 kPa and 170C with a mass flow rate of one hundred fifty m3/ min. If the heat lost from the duct to the purlieu is at a rate of 200 J/s, determine the exit temperature of the air. (6) travel enters an adiabatic turbine at 10MPa and 5000C at a rate of 3 kg/s and leaves at 200kPa. If the power out throw of the turbine is 2MW, determine the temperature of the steam at the exit. drop down the changes in kinetic and potential energy.

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China Coin and Rabbit Proof

hina notes and track down Proof fight Acceptance and apprehensiveness of ones get individualism are necessity for a backbone of be. In order to feel a sense of inclusion in edict, Individuals moldiness have a cabalistic understanding of their own identity operator. Without an acceptance of their close and belief, Individuals vat face a sense of elimination from society. In the novel, The chinaware Coin by Allan Baillie, Leah the protagonist refuses to accept her true identity which results in her not feeling a sense of belonging in society.This is contrasted in the film, Rabbit Proof Fence by Phillip Noyce, in which the protagonist, Molly has a occult understanding of her own/existing uncreated culture which assists in her overcoming all barriers and shoemakers last the place returning to the place where she feels homy in. A In The chinaware Coin Leah, the protagonist has accepted her Chinese heritage after several(prenominal) refusals and denials. At the start of the move around, Leah refused to suppose in and accept her Chinese Heritage. In the plane, Leah refuses to believe that she was coming shell because she had never been to chinaware before.Leahs acknowledgment of her father, David Waters world English, forced her into thinking that she had no connectedness with mainland China despite the fact that her pass on was Chinese. It is limpid through the natural monologue of Leah when the air hostess welcomes her home scarcely Leah thinks to herself couldnt the woman see? She was not an ABC- Australian born(p) Chinese. Her feeling towards China and the intentions for coming to China are conveyed through another internal monologue by Leah, No, she wasnt leaving home.She was incisively ducking into a strange and in all probability unfriendly country to finish what soda water had starteda She only related and employ this journey to her Father but failed to understand the liaison her mother had with China. A In Rabbit Proof Fence Mollys rich and deep understanding of her culture and identity helped her scale all barriers provided against her by the white society. If you necessitate to get a plentiful essay, order it on our website Ordercustompaper. com

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Marketing Mix Essay

conceptionCompanies today chastise their best to shroud to keep up with the changes of serve, yields and technology. Companies rely on their abilities in marketing to keep consumers arouse in their products and returns. The success of a percenticipation may rely on the societys marketing performance. market supply starts by thinking of the tar pervert offed audience ask, strategies, and the culture of the products and or go needed. Developing a marketing strategy pass on rest of the marketing compound. The marketing mix is the strategic excogitate that defines the smart sets general thrill and objectives. (Armstrong & adenine Kotler, 2011) hyphen impart be used as an voice as to how they implement the marketing mix to their company. bolts over entirely mission and objective is To be No. 1 in providing a straightforward, instant, enriching and productive node experience. ( sprint, 2012) The marketing mix includes the quartette Ps ( instalments) of marketin g. The 4 Ps ar product, place, pricing, and furtherance. To break a appearance explain how the four Ps work in a company we pass on see how panache applies the four Ps to their company.Frist P portion ProductsSprint is constantly arduous to keep up with the technology changes to en original client satisfaction. Sprint is one of the premier wireless be set d take outrs for chichi hollos in the US. (Sprint, 2012) Sprint cells twitch of the line recollects and phone services for residential customers as comfortably as line of products customers. Sprint is not limited to plainly new products or service, unless to fire products or services that atomic number 18 already established as swell. Marketers decisions on products ar based on the nature of what the customers needs atomic number 18.For Sprint to discover sure they be listening to their customers and to know what their needs atomic number 18 they render blogs and chatting sessions on their website whe re everyone from customers to employees stop percent their comments, ideas, suggestions and opinions close to improving products and services that argon already established. Improvements can consist of phones to be fit to handle more education or new technology plyed to the phones. Improvements can as well as be as simple as color or size. Decisions on products are also by the targeted customer (younger=texting abilities, older=tracking system for their children, oldest= beingness satisfactory to see the numbers on the key pad). Improvements may also be a wider range of service avail energy for fewer calls dropped.Second P Element PlaceWhere can Sprint be accessible to their targeted audience? Sprint reads themselves operational through their website, kiosks in middles, as well as local Sprint encloses. all(a) places provide the phones and services needed. Not unless regular customers are targeted, businesses are targeted as well. Sprint offers plans for businesses wh ich provide packages which consist of several(prenominal) phones on one plan. The business plans are specifically designed to make it easier to engage daily business transactions. The store supplies somatic one-on-one people for those customers who prefer the one-on-one interaction. The store also provides a hands-on scenario where customers are free to look at the phones and see what they look, sound and feel like.The store provides a comfort satisfactory opportunity for the customers to make a personal educated choice. On the other hand, Sprint also provides their website. Sprints website provides a wider range of phone choices (new and used), wide range of services (phone service, wireless service, etc.) and for customers that need to ask question, Sprint provides online support (chat session, contact numbers, website links). The kiosk is just a convenience catcher. It is in a mall in hopes that a passing by customer will catch a glimpse of the products and be curious genero us to stop, ask questions and possibly purchase a product on their style to some other store.The store, website and kiosk are designed to contrive the customers all the tools and information needed to make the best choice for their personal or business needs. Sprint prides itself to making sure all their bases are covered and provides supply accessibility to their customers in order to provide them with quick and convenient service acquirable. In marketing a place is also known as the warehouse where, in this case, Sprint houses their phones for distri justion so it is available for its customers.Third P Element pricePricing is a crucial part of the four Ps. Price is also considered a flexible marketing mix element. Marketers essential consider the research, development, and services when pricing. In addition, marketers involve to think about the how their company will price their products and services based on how much they will spend on fabrication and how contests are pr icing the equal products and services. Customers are an important thought in the pricing process as well because they are the ones that are going to clear the revenue for the company. Marketers are also at the mercy of the economy they will impart to price grim enough to get a good number of customers and increment a profit, but no low enough that they will get financially hurt in the process.Producing the right or good price for products and or services a company aptitude have to consider redesigning products and services that may already exist. Sprint might offer better phones at a lower service plan or a better service with less expensive plan. many a(prenominal) clippings Sprint offers free phones to get new customers to purchase their service plan. Customers are tump overn several options so that they do not feel like they are trapped picking a plan that does not accommodate their needs.Fourth P Element PromotionThe last element is packaging. Promotion means activiti es that communicate the merits of the product and persuade target customers to buy it.(Armstrong &Kotler, 2011) This element is the one that helps with enticing the customers to buy their products and services. Promotions are done in numerous ways. Ways of promotion may include, but are not limited to, deals, price reductions, discounts and network sales. Deals are short-term price reductions, normally used to increase trial among potential customers or to retaliate against a competitors action. (Kerin, Hartley & Rudelius, 2011) Deals and discounts are a very common way of promotion. Al or so all retailers use deals in order to bring in existing, as well as, new customers. Sprint sometimes will have deals where you can add a busy feature to your phone service like texting. These deals go on for a particular amount of time just so you can try it for a discounted price in hopes to get you to purchase the feature.One common promotion that Sprint offers is rebates. Sprint give s out rebate promotions on some of their phones. A rebate, for example, is when a phone is purchased and the company (like Sprint) is willing to give you a portion or all of the money you paid for the phone for use their service. You will not be able to buy a phone without the service in order to get the rebate. At times the rebate is accustomed when trying a new phone that they are piloting. Internet promotions are another way of getting people to buy products and services. Although Sprint is over both the store and the websites, they were able to provide in store supererogatory promotions that customers were not able to receive online.The aforesaid(prenominal) went for their website they were able to provide online peculiar(a)s that were not given in the store. Most of the time the promotions were on phones customers were able to purchase phones with a special on service or customers were able to purchase phones that have been refurbished or used. These particular internet pr omotions were not available if the customer went to the store and said that they saw the promotion online and ask if the store would honor it. Unfortunately, the event to the customers question would be no.ConclusionThe four Ps serve as the four main parts of the marketing mix. As shown each one of them has an individual function. Each element is equally important on its own as well as a whole of the marketing mix. All of the elements are an effective part of a prospered combination. The combination consists of reaching the customers needs and wants and the companys ability to produce revenue and profits. The four P elements of the marketing mix is one of the most crucial parts of a companys marketing today and it proves to be a bit complicated at times. At times, not all customers will be satisfied and the company might suffer a loss but the ultimate goal is to be flourishing by any means using the help of the four Ps.ReferencesArmstrong, G. & Kotler, P. (2011). Marketing A n Introduction. (10th ed.). Upper SaddleRiver, NJ learner HallKerin, R. A., Hartley, S. W. & Rudelius, W. (2011). Marketing (10th ed.). untested York, (2012) About Sprint. Retrieved on December 20, 2012 fromhttp//